How Our Tribe Won the VIP Wealth Academy Mastermind Challenge


Wow, what an INCREDIBLE journey it has been. We have Marched our Tribe forward to the top… Well done TEAM P.L.U.S.!!

We have learned an INCREDIBLE amount… We’ve participated, helped each other, held each other accountable, done as we said we would and now have come out the other end with a lot of KNOWLEDGE and skills…

 Congratulations to each and every one participating in this challenge!


it takes COMMITMENT and dedication to succeed in this industry… and while I 100% understand that LIFE happens, and things come up, problems occur and challenges arise, it is the people who DEDICATE themselves to the cause and do what ever they can to overcome ADVERSITY!

winners_TEAM_PLUS!How did we do it?

During our weekly masterminds, we have helped each other apply the 5 core competencies !
As we joined from UK, Australia, France & Mauritius we experienced the power and synergy of a community that is focused on achieving results…no matter the level of online experience prior to joining the team!


The progress was evident as some marketers got their very 1st sign ups during the course of our team work!!



If you would like to participate in the next round of Mastermind

Check out the Training Platform I use to educate myself on all the newest and most effective Marketing Strategies!

The BIG BONUS is that I can Offer you access to part of this training for FREE!

Do you think that people would find it helpful if You start giving them answers to their questions and offer them Free training as well?

I THINK YES! Check this Out!

Dedicated to Your Awesome-ness!!

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PS: our AWESOME business model pays out 100% commissions
with $6740 worth in FREE Training BONUS!

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It’s All About Connection, Authenticity and African Ostriches

Content Blog CreationIn this video I am giving the 3 step Formula for Finding your Voice and Being Authentic in your Blog Content Creation so that people will connect with you and desire to work with you…

…and I’ll share my African Ostrich encounter while spending a night in a bush camp in Botswana.
When I started online I was just trying to copy and mimic other online networkers hoping that I would attract some people

…GUESS What! It did NOT work!!

After struggling for a couple of months …
The breakthrough came and I started out to come out of Desert Land!!

This 3 Step Formula will help YOU Create Attractive Blog Content and Connect with people who want to make business with YOU!


I used to find it very difficult to write or give value through my content creation because I was doing it in a Technical Manner…

Until I positioned myself to GENUINELY HELP people …to be attentive to their challenges and struggles…AND hear what they were saying, asking…
Then a real connection took place …all of a sudden it was no longer a VIRTUAL person out there but a fellow networker that was trying to find his way out of the woods

When a REAL CONNECTION takes place between you and your prospect, they will start to draw out advice and counsel from you.

Even if you haven’t yet had your financial breakthrough, YOU already have some Skills, Knowledge , Experience that can benefit someone…it can be about MINDSET, TECHNICAL STUFF, or HOW to get LEADS, TRAFFIC or SALES…

Whatever you have received will become Valuable for that person…
The People you are Helping, will help you find your voice and bring something that is genuine and authentic about yourselves.


It is important to bring your personality and your experience in whatever content you are creating. Let it be something that comes from you, from your perspective ..Not just dishing out information!!

When someone comes to your blog they want to connect with YOU!!

People want to feel you and to get to know you…so avoid being Generic by just dishing out information.

It’s all about connection… When People feel that you are genuinely out there to help them,
It will open the door naturally for Sales to Happen.


You don’t need to care about those that are not meant to work with YOU
There are some people who will naturally be attracted to you because
of what you are and what you say resonate with them..

SO let’s be focused on our target market on those people we have something to offer
– that specific niche –

JUST RELAX and be YOURSELF …and work on developing those values that you can bring to the market place that will position you as an expert.

“Let’s not be stereotype, let’s not be GENERIC, Lets not try to PLEASE EVERYONE
Let’s be ourselves and we will naturally attract people that will want to work with us because they Know us Like us and Trust us!!”


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PS: AND our AWESOME business model pays out 100% commissions
with $6740 worth in FREE Training BONUS!

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What Makes the VIP Wealth Academy Mastermind so Invaluable?

In this video, I am asking 6 networkers how much they would price the weekly Mastermind they are participating right now within the VIP Wealth Academy [Free Bonus] and how it benefits them individually and their business.

We stepped into this adventure a couple of weeks ago with a very precise Game Plan!

Every participant in the mastermind works on developing his 5 core competencies:

Creating content
Commenting & circulating content
Consultation & Closing sales

These 5 steps are proven to be the cash flow formula to build any business online.

And to add a little spice …there are 7 mastermind teams and we are all competing against each other…

The Vision behind this VIP Mastermind is to provide a support structure to anyone desiring to take their online business to the next level.

Have you ever been left wondering…WHAT‘S NEXT?

Today 97% of the internet marketer’s start their online journey without any support structure.
They joined a business opportunity and are left wondering: ‘What Next!’

I often get people contacting me for help because they have NO CLUE what’s next
either because their sponsor is not getting in touch with them [very common],
or their sponsor doesn’t have the skills to take them to the next level.

To succeed online it takes more than getting access to a whole back office of Trainings and Tutorials!!

In my experience of joining a few teams and business opportunities over these last years,
I realised that many team leaders are not equipped to trained their team and duplicate leaders.
They, themselves, can be making money as marketers but they lack
the skillset to duplicate and reproduce other leaders in the industry.

VIP Wealth Academy is a FREE Training and coaching BONUS given to anyone joining our Pure Leverage Leaders Team

In the VIP Wealth Academy, Gavin Mountford, has created a system and a structure that supports anyone joining the Pure Leverage Leaders.

The Mastermind I am running with a few other leaders are part of this Bonus Free Training and offers tremendous value.

Listen to what they have to say!!

I’ve so inspired by the community, it’s something totally different than what I’ve had before!

When I get up, I am focus to do things because there are other people that have set themselves to do the same thing!!

It’s one of the most powerful tool that we’ve got is the community, the mastermind and the forum, I felt quite lonely in my previous business!

It is not what you achieve in those 7 weeks, but what you do become at the end of this Mastermind Challenge!

It makes you more accountable specially as you have to deal with your day , it is more difficult when you try to do things on your own!

You can put things off so easily especially when you are involved in other thing. It is a challenge to focus, this is something I would not have by myself – It would not exist in my world!!


The 3 reasons why I am promoting Pure Leverage:

  • 1st – Pure Leverage is an awesome product!! [You truly don’t feel that you are ripping anyone off]
    If you were able to save $300 per month and access every essential tool needed every marketer to run their business…You would thank me- right!!..Well that’s Pure Leverage
  • 2nd – There is a 100% commission
  • 3rd – I have the possibility to offer this $6740 value VIP Wealth Academy training Bonus. This Training and Mastermind will help any serious online entrepreneur take his business to the next level and build his business.

The VIP Mastermind is part of a FREE TRAINING BONUS worth $6740 for anyone joining Pure Leverage Leaders Team.

If you are tired of running after opportunities that doesn’t have a sustainable business model…
If you are tired of  promoting different systems or affiliate programs without real results..

If you are tired of trying to figure it all out on your own…
If you have question if this opportunity is right for you Or you want to check it out!

connect with me on skype [ID:verolaos]
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I’ll be very Glad to answer ALL  your questions

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To your UNSTOPPABLE Success!!

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How to Insert a Picture to personalise your Pure Leverage Follow up Email
In this video I am showing you exactly how to crop your picture, resize it and upload it so that you are able to use a picture in your Pure Leverage email Follow-up or any other autoresponder. Putting your picture in your email signature is a great way to personalise your email and establish a connection with your leads!!

The best way to communicate with your list of leads is to send them regular attention grabbing emails and broadcast. They will get to know you, trust you and want to make business with you..

Watch my video, as I show you how to download it and how to use it.

Email Marketing is still KING! Email Is The Most Valuable Real Estate On The Internet!

Here are the FACTS as gathered by SmarterTools Inc:

  • There are nearly 3 times as many email accounts as there are Facebook and Twitter accounts combined
  • The total posts on Facebook and Twitter combined add up to 0.2% of all email traffic
  • The toal number of searches on google, Yahoo! and Bing combined equals just 1.1% of all email traffic
  • The total number of all pageviews on the Internet equals only 25% of the total number of emails sent.
  • Nearly 4 times as many emails are sent each day as the total number of Facebook/Twitter updates, Google/Yahoo!/Bing searches and Internet pageviews combined.

The chart below, provided by the same research company, gives you a pictorial view of the facts you just read:

Using pictures in your emails in order to illustrate your offer or your story will grab people’s attention and curiosity. Using a picture of yourself in your signature is key for create that trust factor. It helps People see that you are a real person so that they are more interested to connect with you.


AND remember… we payout 100% commissions
with our AWESOME business model too!

If you have question if this opportunity is right for you Or you want to check it out!

connect with me on skype [ID:verolaos]
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I’ll be very Glad to answer ALL  your questions

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To your UNSTOPPABLE Success!!

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I was there!! Easter FLASH FLOOD Disaster in MAURITIUS [video]

Disaster hit Mauritius on Saturday 30th march!!

A Flash flood took the lives of 11 people very suddenly
as they were trapped in underground parking & passage
by the freak flood.

The residential area that was the most affected was
a place call Canal Payot near the capital Port Louis.

I was there with a group of friends on Sunday
to bring food and support…

I visited Romy’s mother in law’s house.
She’d lost everything spoiled by mud and water.
The poor lady is on a plane back from Australia
still unaware of what happened to her house!!

Why I am sharing all this with you..

so that you can know me better
…and what I stand for!

I strongly believe IN TEAM WORK

Internet marketing is NOT about SELLING but about CONNECTING!!

Today our International Pure LeverageTeam
[from Guam, Mauritius, UK, Auz]
met in a google hangout mastermind…

and I am litterally blown away by the
Power of syndication and working together!!

No matter the level of experience of each participant!!
The strategy that we apply
boosts each other’s business…

way of working together
and promoting each other’s businesses…

All this is PART OF

DO you want to have a part in it??

To your business Breakthru!!

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How to Turn your Leads into Customers using Pure Leverage Tools

Unless you develop a relationship with your list of leads, most of them will just remain dormant.

Many marketing system out there already provides ‘done for you’ email campaigns.
However if you desire to increase your credibility in the eyes of your prospects, you need to personalise your emails with your own touch and personality.

As you provide value using email and video marketing, they will get to
know you, like you, trust you, and want to make business with you.

Pure Leverage is a communication tool suite that allows you to develop a relationship with your leads via their auto responder or email video, conferencing tool.



The goal of Pure Leverage is to educate you on the ins and outs of the Internet Marketing industry, while allowing you to earn while you learn.

It’s an affiliate program that provides each member with an Internet Marketing
“Tools Suite” that allows you to get started in 15 minutes or less, sharing what you are
“Passionate & Knowledgeable” about.

This “Tools Suite” encompasses everything you need to get started making money
on-line TODAY!

An Authority Blog (completely set up & ready for YOU to add YOUR content)

A full fledged “Turn Key” Autoresponder so you can follow up with your prospects,
customers and contacts like a pro!

Fully Hosted Webinar Software start broadcasting to the world 24/7,
it’s like having your own TV Station.

Video Hosting & Recording Software. have your video live with a few clicks
of a mouse.

Video Email – yep WE Have that too!

This same blog platform is set up to also
market for you to your website visitors,
allowing them to learn more about our
program through high converting ads that
will be housed on your blog.

AND … we payout 100% commissions
with our AWESOME business model too!

for more info -> click here <-

To your UNSTOPPABLE Success!!

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Get an Unfair Advantage Before Joining Pure Leverage

verolaos.comIn a matter of days my team exploded!! People who have never made a dime on line are building their team and making money for the 1st time. Not only Pure Leverage is a Marketing Tool Suite needed by every marketer and every online networker but you can also make 100% commission by promoting it…

What is so special about the Pure Leverage Suite?

The Pure Leverage is a New Marketing Tools Buster, that has everything
that you need to explode your business, you will found all
under one amazing account saving you truckloads of money

Can you imagine one simple login for everything! ..and SAVING OVER  $300/month using it


Pure Leverage auto responder system (the money is in your list
Pure Leverage video email service (video are essential to create that know, trust factor)
Pure Leverage blogging and leads generation system
Pure Leverage webinar service
Pure Leverage video producing and video storage platform

Get paid 100% commissions promoting Pure Leverage Tool Suite!

Pure leverage is still its soft launch mode; you still have time to POSITION yourself.
Timing is everything when it comes to huge financial gain and opportunity.

– Collect 100% in residual commissions.
– Collect 50% of your total referrals, sales.

Let’s say the 5 people you bring into Pure Leverage, their
combined sales total $5000. YOU will collect 50% of this-
$2500. On top of your regular commissions earned.

It’s a Real product, Real services, that are backed by a 12 year
old company!

Can it get any better? YES It Can!! …

I have teamed up with the King Coach and Top Recruiter” Gavin Mountford, himself.
He has created the VIP Wealth Academy ($6,740.00 Value) as a FREE Bonus for anyone joining our team.

You get an Unfair Advantage Promoting Pure Leverage by OFFERING VIP Wealth Academy ($6,740.00 Value) as an FREE INCENTIVE for other people to join your Pure Leverage team. The “VIP Wealth Academy” is a FULL program which literally takes you by the hand, from scratch … through the entire process and then show you how-to close and make the sale at the end?

“VIP Wealth Academy teaches you how-to make Multiple Income Streams on the Internet using different programs including Pure Leverage!

The VIP Wealth Academy (Value = $1,182.00) consists of 5 AWESOME core components:

  • Core Component #1: The VIP Wealth Formula (Set Up SystemTraining)
  • Core Component #2: Team Capture Pages, Sales Letter & Auto responders (System)
  • Core Component #3: The Copy-Me Marketing Method (Content)
  • Core Component #4: The Triple Cash-Flow Program (Opportunities)
  • Core Component #5: Private Community Access (Support)

The combination of these components will give you ALL the training, tools, systems and knowledge you need to create your very OWN cash producing AUTOMATED income machine which literally SPITS out qualified prospects at the end……for you to CLOSE into Pure Leverage and make CASH (effortlessly)

So, Here’s What You Get When You Join Our Pure Leverage Team at VIP (Inner Circle) Level…

Taking you right from BASIC set-up steps, creating magnetic content, driving traffic, getting clicks on your ads, capturing leads, communicating and following up (persuade & influence), and ultimately become a MASTER consultant to get the sale…This training will put you light YEARS ahead of most people ‘trying’ to make money online…Let’s call this your UNFAIR ADVANTAGE…

The VIP Wealth Academy ENTIRE PACKAGE ($6,740.00 Value) consists of 5 AWESOME core components:

  • The Pure Leverage Sales Funnel – Done-For-You Team Capture Pages, Sales Letters & Autoresponders… (Value = $997.00)
  • The Copy-Me Marketing Method – Done-For-You Magnetic Content (Value = $497.00)
  • The Triple Cash-Flow Program – Opportunity specific trainings & early bird notification (Value = $497.00)
  • Private Community Access – Get exclusive access to our VIP Wealth Academy Support Group (Value = $197.00)
  • Duplication Rights To The Entire VIP Wealth Academy System To Offer Your Sign-Up’s… (Value = $3,370.00)


So, How Do You Join Pure Leverage?

OK, there are TWO (2) LEVELS to join Pure Leverage…

  • 1. BASIC level – $24.95 Per Month

It gives you FULL access to the Pure Leverage Marketing Suite
including Pure Leverage Authority Blog, Capture Pages,
Auto responder System, basic training and Conferencing / Webinar software

When you join our Pure Leverage Team at BASIC level ($24.95 Per/Month),
you will get access to a ‘LITE’ version of the VIP Wealth Academy Package [FREE]
so you can get STARTED with a BANG!

  • 2. VIP (Inner Circle) level – $97 Per Month…

    It  gives you FULL access to everything at BASIC level + the much more ADVANCED training programto help KICK START your Pure Leverage Business.

    PLUS You get our ‘FULL’ VIP Wealth Academy Pure Leverage FREE Bonus ($6,740.00 Value)
    as you join us and UPGRADE to VIP (Inner Circle) Level…

So, Let’s Wrap This Pure Leverage Bonus UpNow, IMAGINE This:

  • Being able to work closely with a TEAM of people to help you achieve your GOALS in the Pure Leverage system…
  • Having FULL access to a system that shows you EXACTLY how-to market Pure Leverage to ensure you earn multiple sources of INCOME…
  • Being able to OFFER VIP Wealth Academy ($6,740.00 Value) as an INCENTIVE for other people to join your Pure Leverage team?
  • Having your OWN done-for-you ’COVERT’ sales funnel, which sells to people without actually selling…
  • Having a SUPPORT community where you can ask any questions and get HELP for your Pure Leverage business…
  • Being able to STEAL Gavin Mountford’s blog posts, emails, status updates, solo ads and Facebook ads etc…

Do you think that would help?

If so… are YOU READY to join us?

I’m Glad You Found This Pure Leverage Bonus!
Awesome to meet you, and I look forward to TEACHING you how to build your Pure Leverage business…

just click the link below to find out more about Joining Our Pure Leverage Team…

>>>>Click Here to Join Our VIP Wealth Academy Pure Leverage Team NOW

RIGHT NOW …You can still access the 1$ seven day Trial


See you on the INSIDE

To your UNSTOPPABLE Success!!

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4 Tips to Create Awesome Capture pages that Converts

capture page that convertsIn this video I am showing the 4 tips that enabled me to get 31 opt-ins and 5 sign-ups, in 8 days, using a simple, effective and highly converting capture page tool pluggin.

The key to getting targeted leads is to use awesome looking capture page where visitors are compelled to sign in because they are either curious or interested with the benefits or the free gift you are giving them.

A highly converting capture page is the point of entry to your maketing sales funnel. It is used to get qualified leads. On average 10% of the leads collected will become interested prospects and 10% turn out to be customers.

Once some interested leads have joined your list, it is a tremendous opportunity to develop a relationship with them. As you send them value and content relating to your niche they will connect with your more and more. It creates an environment where your leads get to know you, trust you and want to make business with you.

The key is the relationship that we develop with our lists. As the relationship evolves they will connect more and more with you and will want to work with you.

I am amazed to see how many networks are still relying on their companies replicated website or web page to draw people to their business. They are missing out on the opportunity to engage and connect with their visitors and are missing out on many sales that would have taken place if they had spent the time to connect with their customers.

Our “sales funnel” acts as a sieve to direct qualified purchasers through the sales process, while filtering out less-qualified visitors along the way. Of course, at the top of every great sales funnel is a high-converting landing page or squeeze page.

You can create different capture pages for different sales funnel. The essential tool needed to connect with your visitors is an auto responder (such as aweber).This piece of software will enable you to collect your visitors names and emails in exchange for some valuable information.

# 4 tips in making effective capture page

  • For instance when posting videos on You tube, use a capture page 1st to collect the info of the interested prospects before inviting them to visit your blog. There are too many options, too much information all at once on your blog…
  • Use a clear marketing message, so you’ll attract targeted prospects. The benefits of what’s in it for them should be clearly defined.
  • Create the ‘WOW’ factor on your lead capture page. …I see a lot of marketers with wonderful offers, yet their capture page is not good looking. They are in a ‘do it yourself mode. When we don’t have graphic skills, outsource it or use some useful tools …
  • Get your AWEBER account and start sending out emails follow up to your list. Don’t delay because you are building your piece of online estate…

Amazing Pluggin Tool for creating ‘Attention Grabing Capture Page’

Click on the image below to see how you can make awesome looking capture pages,  in litterally 10mn, using this wordpress pluggin. My friend Matt has created this awesome pluggin and he guides you through each step of the way on how to install it. This is one of the best one time small investment I have ever made…as I am using it over and over for various sales funnel…

lead capture page

>>>click here – to check out this awesome pluggin<<<

If you have any questions or anything I can help you with in regards to your online marketing, please do not hesitate to ask.

To Your Success

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What is the ONE Word that says it All about You?

If you could pick only one word to describe yourself, what would it be? Well I started by writing a 100 words list then zoomed in that ONE word which resonated best. In this video blog, I am coming up with something quite interesting..It requires a bit of an effort at 1st..but what you come up with is something that you can expands on…


Using your 100 words list as a springboard, decide on the one word that best describes you. Make this word your North Star as you begin to add value to yourself.

Value Mindset for Video Marketing

One of the key ingredients to succeed online, especially when doing video marketing is to view ourselves as being “ VALUABLE”.

As we start to see our gift,  we have an increased assurance that we have something valuable to give – Not imitating or copying anyone else!!

To be raw, to be ourselves is the key to online success!!

Successful marketer works on their mindset to a place
where success comes in abundance.

Generally, we can be hard on ourselves and miss to see
all the good things that we carry…

When we focus only on the missing pieces in our life or business…
We feel constantly that we are not Good Enough…that we’ll never reach our goal..

It is exhausting and it drains us from our positive energy and stops us
from being creative.

We want that CREATIVE JUICE to flow through us.
We are constantly learning new things in our heart
and mind …

and often we become our biggest obstacle

Something that we can work on is to be reminded day
in and day out “HOW AWESOME WE ARE”!

Having a PLAN to work on our mind set is crucial.  We cannot live day after day, not work on ourselves and expect different results.

By being CONSISTENT working toward having a positive mindset, we increase our self-worth,
increase our sense of value to our own eyes….and we position ourselves to GIVE VALUE TO OTHERS,

John Maxwell says “Many people don’t belief that they can accomplish great things. In the end it isn’t what you are that holds you back. IT’S WHAT YOU THINK YOU ARE NOT.”

It will fuel the conviction that we have something great to give to the world
Give us a sense of mission – because what we give to the world
this is our mission and if we don’t do it, many people will be deprived of what
they are meant to receive from us.

Action Plan:

Make a list of your best personal values – Don’t stop until you have written a hundred positive thing about yourself – Choose 3 words from that list that describes YOU best…make it your STATEMENT and use it to continue adding value to yourself.

How To Be Nominated Top Female Blogger Using Videos

top female blogger 2012In my interview with Jane Orlov, she shares about her online marketing journey that started 2 years ago, to being nominated TOP FEMALE BLOGGER IN NETWORK MARKETING. In a very raw and candid way she tells us about the massive actions she took in order to be noticed in the industry.

The biggest challenge is mind-set, it is not the technical issues.
When I created my 1st blog, it was not pretty – but my goal was to put the most content out there. Often when you start something, you think that everything needs to be perfect and that you need to master the technical part – It is not so!! The best time to document what you are learning is at the beginning of your journey, when you don’t have a big team …because once you get to the top …you’ll forget how you got there!!


It does have to be perfect!
You will recuperate on your investment over time. As long as you have a vision you’ll be passionate to make it happened!

Video is the most leveraging tool on the internet

For video, I knew that it was the most leveraging thing, so I took my camera and started recording – I did not care if people liked my videos or not – but people liked them because of the energy – I went with the flow – I did not read a script – I was authentic  then I advertise it over Facebook “

My advise is that you create as many videos as you can, Create the story of your Journey. Focus more on video, because everyone is ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) now people get bored quickly reading long article on blogs. In your video you can be authentic – make it under 5 mn –– you get right to the point – shorter is the better.

Do more videos, even if you don’t have many people watching it”
Record everything. In 5 years from now if you don’t quit!! They will become the journal of your journey.
Overcome your fear, it is all in your head!

In video creation no one start perfect , you practise more and more until it becomes natural.
Now you have to be transparent, you can’t hide behind a picture, you can’t hide behind a blog, the more transparent you are the more people will follow you. People will want to work with you when they see your story: why you entered this business, what are your goals.

It is actually selfish if you are actually stuck there and think that your story will not resonate with people.
There are so many people that are connecting with different stories. The main trigger is the mind-set: When people like what you do, you’ll build up your confidence. You have to believe that it will work – otherwise you will never take that action to step out of your conform zone

I use Attraction marketing by giving value in my videos and don’t expect anything in return. People tell me that I have helped them so much that they want to buy my product – They want to buy via my link.

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